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'Twas a Famous Victory


Time: CY9865 – AD Feb 4942
Location: Director's Office Free Trade Alliance Headquarters Dephida V

"Good morning , Doctor. You're looking well. The Regenetrol treatments appear to be working quite nicely."

"Thank you, Director. Yes they are. I understand you have a job for my department."

"I do. It seems that our efforts to incite the Kalderans into military action against their neighbors has had some unexpected side effects. The Than Hegemony is expanding its sphere of influence into human occupied planets."

"The Than? I find that surprising. They've been most reclusive since they reestablished their Hegemony. They've had almost nothing to do with other species."

"Apparently their policies have changed. As you predicted the Kalderans' expansionism in the Large and Small Clouds is encouraging most human occupied worlds in the Clouds to either increase their purchases of weapon systems we manufacture or hire mercenary units, to which we sell weapons to. However a number of the poorer worlds have taken a different tack and are seeking protectors, and the Than are willing to provide that protection. We have received information that Arzawa II has requested to become part of the Hegemony."

"I'm surprised that the Hegemony would be willing to take any human worlds under their protection considering that the majority of the races that composed the Commonwealth referred to both Humans and Nietzscheans as the Vedran's attack dogs."

"I would prefer to think that the Vedrans considered us their Janissaries" Noticing the puzzled look on the doctor's face the director explained. "Foreign troops loyal to their employers and given special privileges in return for their loyalty. Though I suppose in the end it doesn't matter what the Vedrans considered us. The fact that when the Niretzscheans rebelled the vast majority of the other species within the Commonwealth refused to ally themselves with either side speaks volumes. I suspect that the reason the Hegemony is willing to accept human occupied worlds is that the Than are nearly as strongly disliked as we humans and Nietzscheans are. When they were incorporated into the Commonwealth their Hegemony was large and strong enough that the Vedrans felt it necessary to give them special privileges of their own rather than follow their usual practice of join peaceably and give up your ability to build interstellar ships or be assimilated by force and still loose your ability. One of those privileges was the right to build their own slipstream capable craft.
"Which brings us back to the current problem. If the Arzawans join the Hegemony they will not be dependent on our organization for access to slipstrean capable vessels. Other worlds might follow the Arzawans example and join the Hegemony. It's even possible that the Than might sell them slipstream capable vessels. Our monopoly will be threatened."

"That would be unfortunate. Do you have any suggestions on how we can prevent this merger?"

"Yes. It seems that a sizable minority of the Arzawan population is not in favor of giving up their sovereignty to the Than. We should be able to exploit that discontent."

"Direct military support seems rather unprofitable. The Than would undoubtedly emerge victorious in any sort of direct confrontation with our forces."

"Agreed. A more subtle approach will be needed. I have sent the details of the situation on the planet to your office. I'm sure you and your department will come up with a suitable plan."