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An Audacious Maneuver

Time: CY 1089 – AD Jul 5166
Location: Bathsheba planetary spaceport

He was sitting n the bar observing the bar maids and prostitutes working the clientele. So far none of the latter had come his way despite his attempts to make contact. He was debating about visiting one of the local brothels but decided against it. The girls there were generally too well protected. He preferred to play his games without any interference or having to pay extra for damaging the goods. He was just about ready to call it a night and return to his ship when a new girl walked in.

The girl appeared to be in her mid to late twenties, older than he preferred but she was well proportioned and had an attractive face. Her hair was long and shiny black, just the color he liked best. The long loose flowing sleeves of her dress concealed her arms but the lower half of of the dress showed a slim waist and the slit in one side of the skirt revealed a generous amount of shapely leg. She paused in the doorway scanning the interior of the bar most likely sizing up the competition and deciding who might be in the market for her services. After a moment she walked up to his side.

"Hey, spacer," she said in a husky voice. "Care to buy a lady a drink"

The man slid over a bit to make room on the bar stool. The woman sat down beside him making sure that her body was close to his. "What's your pleasure?" he asked.

"A slow comfortable screw," came the reply

"The drink or the other?" asked the man

"Sometimes one, sometimes the other, but right now it's the drink," answered the woman.

The man ordered the drink then resumed his scrutiny of the woman. "You have a name?" he asked.

"Jill," she said making eye contact as she sipped her drink. "What's yours?"


"Michael. I like it. It's a strong name. What's your last one?"

"Bellamy, Michael Bellamy off Bellamy's Belle."

"I've heard of the Belle." She paused to let him continue with the obvious question.

"What have you heard about the Belle?" he asked As he spoke he placed his hand on her knee and ran it upwards towards her juncture of her thighs..

"I've heard that its crew is always ready to show a lady a good time and that you can be quite generous." She ran a hand over his arm and licked her lips seductively. "I so love generous men and I can be quite appreciative of their generosity."

"Why don't we go to your place then," said the man. "We can discuss my generosity and how you can show your appreciation."

"It's not far," said the woman. "We can walk there."

She got up and took the man's hand and they walked out the bar. She took him down two streets than made an abrupt turn into an deserted alley.

"This doesn't look much like your place." said the man, instantly suspicious.

The woman grabbed his head and kissed him open mouthed, her tongue silencing his protests.

"I don't want to wait," said the woman. "I want you inside me. Right here right now." She began to pull her dress up. "Help me get this up" she said to the man

"Here?" asked the man. "Where any one could just walk by and see us.?"

"That's what makes it so exciting. The possibility that someone could catch us."

The man bent down to grasp the hem of the dress. As he did so the woman put her arms around his neck as if to steady herself. Bent low as he was the man didn't see the knives that slid out of the sleeves of the dress and into her hands. With a quick motion the woman drew the knives across his throat slicing through arteries, veins and the man's windpipe.

"That was for Billy SaintCyr, you bastard" said the woman as the man crumpled at her feet. Moving quickly the woman took the man's communicator, gauss pistol, jewelry and what local currency he had on him. She then walked to a trash receptacle at the back of the alley, opened it and brought out a tote bag from which she removed a towel, a clean pair of clothes and a round object about as big as her fist. She removed her blood splattered clothing, wiped herself clean with the towel, then dressed herself in the clothes that had been in the bag. The discarded clothing and the knives went into the trash bin. Reaching upwards she grasped a length of her hair and pulled, removing a wig and revealing short cut brown hair. Colored contact lenses were removed next changing her eye color from blue to brown. Both the wig and the contacts followed the clothing into the trash bin. She then peeled off a pair of gloves that were sheer enough to pass for a second skin and dropped them and the tote bag into the trash bin as well.

After making sure that there were no visible traces of blood on her face, hands or new clothes, she opened up the stolen communicator and punched in a code. When the person on the other end answered she said. "Erick, Covas. It's done. Meet me at the pick up point. I have a ship to rendezvous with."

She tossed the communicator, pistol and jewelry into the bin. The round object followed and she and began to walk briskly out of the alley. She hadn't gone more than ten paces when a gout of flame erupted from the trash receptacle as the thermite charge detonated reducing the trash bin to slag and eliminating all evidence of her presence.